Meditation Schedule

We are currently offering guided medtations and Dhamma talks via Zoom. Please see below for details of our offerings and how to join. Times are in PST. For questions, please contact us.

Meditation and Dhamma Talk w/ Ayya Kosalla

When: Every Sunday from 900-1030am

Language: English, Korean

Zoom Details

Meeting ID: 592 269 4381

Password: nXp444


Meditation and Dhamma Talk w/ Ayya Souvanna

When: Every Saturday from 900-1000am

Language: Lao, Thai

Zoom Details

Meeting ID: 669 891 8791

Passcode: v1hLLN


Uposatha Day

When: March 28, April 11, April 26


830am: Taking of the 5 (or 8) precepts under Ayya Gunasari

840-10am: Chanting (Paticca Samuppada & 24 Patthana) & Meditation

Evening chanting & Meditation

We have evening chanting (Citta, the consciousness in Abhidhamma) & meditation